The White Coca-Cola Can Gets Canned

Coca-Cola is pulling their holiday/climate-change awareness promotion early because consumers are complaining. Coca-Cola is switching their white “polar bear” cans back to a familiar red holiday theme.

polar bear coca-cola can

The White Polar Bear Coca-Cola Can

Apparently, some consumers were complaining that the can looked too similar to the usual Diet Coke cans. Others (with poor tastebuds) have said that regular Coca-Cola tastes different in the white cans. And, some others have said that messing with the traditionally-red can was branding blasphemy.

Could the white polar bear can change have been more differentiating from the Diet Coke can? Yes. Is the switch back to red, simply to satisfy the noisy minority, the right move? If it means that this change will sell more Coca-Cola, to save more polar bears – then yes again. What hasn’t changed is Coca-Cola’s partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to highlight the global warming threat to the polar bear’s Arctic home. They plan to contribute up to $3 million for the conservation efforts.

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