Stories make advertising interesting.

It’s hard to question Nike’s ability to motivate people with its advertising.

I won’t expound on the beauty of “Just Do It,” but there’s always been an element of passion from the brand that lives to create and deliver on its customers’ passion for sport. Using its remarkable and unwavering history of compelling and memorable advertising, Nike created a new spot using old ads.

Great advertising isn’t just one clever spot. It isn’t a series of spots, no matter how viral they went. Great advertising tells the story of a brand. Few can do that as authentically as Nike. And, to further prove that Nike delivers on its passion for its customers, Nike is installing and refurbishing 25 basketball courts throughout New York City to give 10,000 kids access to do what they love.

A great authentic true story can certainly make advertising interesting.

Credit to my colleague @MJWizzy for pointing me to the Nike Better World campaign.

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