Santa Tags Are Hardly Magical

This is weird.

I suppose that I can’t be too critical of this JCP Santa Tag program because there are several elements that I like:

– It’s got Holiday shopper engagement.
– It’s obviously going to get engagement from the gift recipient.
– There’s a chance for an emotional attachement with gift, and thus the experience of getting the gift from JCP might be a nice one.

But, I’m still not convinced this is the perfect use of 2D/QR technology.

The whole concept of a multi-step personalized voice message retrieval system is oddly gimmicky. While I enjoy the fact that I can create pre-recorded messages, I can’t help but feel like we’ve only added a cutesy step to an antiquated voice message data bank system with this trendy digital bit.

Are QR Codes going to be this holiday season’s quasi-social schtick? I hope not. Youth marketing firm, Archrival, recently did a study that concluded that college students aren’t exactly scanning up a storm. Will this kind of execution change the mind of us skeptics?

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