It’s what’s inside that counts.

We don’t often take the time to think about what’s inside. We rely on what we’re told the package contains.

Tell us the features. Explain the benefits. Does any of that matter to me? What do I really need to care about?

With its marketing and branding campaign of the early 1990s, Intel made us think about the inside of the computer. Why? Because that’s what really matters. A computer is a box, and until we interact with it, there’s not a whole lot that it can do. A mouse, a keypad and a screen make the input/output a more visual and visceral experience… but, inside there were these unknown (and relatively neglected) devices that ultimately did the work to create the human experience – the device that ran the programs. Intel made us care about the microprocessor. The Intel Inside campaign was the first time a computer component manufacturer successfully communicated directly with the consumer.

With a new campaign, Sony Xperia smartphones are “Made of Imagination.” Imagination, not technological guts or microchips, are making us care about what’s inside that counts.

The new TV spots turn to the kids and their imaginations, asking them what’s inside Xperia smartphones. Taking one boy’s imaginative vision, the result is a stop motion animation by director Wes Anderson and Laika/house.

Sony is an entertainment-based company. We’d expect their mobile devices to reflect that, so the Anderson-directed advert is certainly meeting the entertainment expectation on a whole new level. While the Made of Imagination spots don’t get to the true technological root of “what’s inside,” they do connect “little robots” to Android.

Sony is selling a product, not creativity, but what do you think? Does Sony present the Xperia device in a way that defines a unique new smartphone offering?

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