I will assume you’ve navigated to this section because don’t already know about me.

If you do know me, and you’ve just clicked here to see what I say about myself, then I can assure you this won’t be anything new or extravagant or profound.

My name is Dave Racine. I grew up (and still live) here in the beautiful, proud, hard-working Midwest. Today, I live in (and still continue to explore) the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since December of 2000 I’ve been a publicist, a strategic planner, a philanthropist, a copywriter, an entrepreneur and a collector of experiences. I count companies like McDonald’s, Trek, Dremel, Harley-Davidson, Evinrude, Gumout, Rain-X, Bally Total Fitness and InterContinental Hotels as just a few of the premier brands I’ve had the joy of working with. I’ve also taken extraordinary pleasure in working alongside some of the most creative and inspiring colleagues who have taught me more about myself than I ever thought I’d know.